What is a safari?


In Swahili language, safari means travel. For us westerners it is often synonymous with discovery of the great animals of Africa. This term makes one dream because it brings back to the dozens of animal reports TV programs that evoke the subject, but it is incomparable to watch by yourself, with his own eyes the fauna in its natural environment. What could be more magical than to approach the lions a few yards and look at them in the eyes, than to see herds of elephants in the savannah, than to observe the nonchalance of the giraffes in their majestic moves. What’s more exciting than hearing the noise generated at night by all these fascinating animals. A safari allows all this in grandiose scenery, far away, very far from our everyday life. This is the best way to recharge your batteries effectively. Only return is a problem!

Tanzania, for ecological and animal preservation reasons, has set up parks where only flora and fauna cohabit. These are not reserves, there are no borders and animals can come out of them freely. It is in the north of the country that are concentrated the most important parks of which the famous Serengeti National Park which adjoins Kenya.

To make a safari is to be part of this wild nature and watch live all those animals that make us dream. Certainly, it takes patience to see a leopard or cheetah hunting, but the concentration of wildlife is such in the country that it is the assurance for travellers to witness unforgettable scenes.

The guide: an essential character for an unforgettable safari

Going on a safari is living an extraordinary experience, a total change of scenery. It is driving on tracks in the middle of the savanna in 4WD vehicles that allow maximum observation, all orchestrated by the key player that is the guide. It is indeed him who coordinates all travel and who knows how to make you spend unforgettable moments. A safari is a trip out of the ordinary, on the territory of the great animals of Africa and all in the hope that tourism allows this country to continue to effectively protect the fauna so fragile in this part of the planet.

Private Tailor-made Safari:

Tailor-made tours with family or friends that takes your tastes and interests into account. They can consist of safari, treks, stays in Zanzibar or a mixed of these three.

With this formula, you will benefit from an English-speaking driver/guide (Other languages also available) and a private vehicle and you will be able to organize your day as you wish. While on safari, the mileage for the car is unlimited and the itinerary is free during the observation outings.

daniel-the-best-guide-in-tanzania-3You will also be able to opt for a transfer by plane in the Serengeti National Park, thus avoiding hours of travel by road.

You can choose your type of accommodation: lodges, camps in luxury tent or camping.

Lodges: these are hard-type accommodations in a typical style.

Camps in luxurious tents: these are very large tents with all the comfort, located in the parks closest to nature and animals.

Camping: these are small tents for two, bivouac style with a private cook.

To realize your dreams and to live the most rewarding possible experience we propose you to build together your tour to meet your expectations more precisely: here is what the tailor-made safaris are.

In accordance with your travel dates and to satisfy your desires, and your aspirations, we invite you to answer the following questionnaire which will allow us to better target on your wishes and offer you the tour that suits you best.


Examples of Tours


Here are some examples of tours for safaris in Tanzania, which we can offer you, keeping in mind that this is only indicative and that we will adapt to your desiderata. Everything is possible with Objectif Tanzania, ask us, we will do!

The day of departure on the safari will depend on your arrival time in Arusha.

Most of the itineraries can be declined either in lodges, luxurious tented camps or in bivouac with a private cook, it is up to you to choose.

Similarly, you can secure a private trip by requesting us as well as opt for a transfer into the Serengeti National Park by plane.

To do this, please visit the “Organise your safari” page

Please note that each tour can have an extension to the archipelago of Zanzibar. Please contact us for further details.


Should the number of participants be higher, the prices will be lowered.

Discover Tanzania’s fauna

Luxury tailor-made safaris

Short safaris and extension to Zanzibar 

Safaris and cultural discoveries

Safaris and trekking in bivouacs

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro


1-Day Safaris

h45a3659Staying in Arusha and willing to organise your tour by yourself?

Full flexibility: Objectif Tanzania offers one-day safaris to the main National Parks in the North starting from you hotel in Arusha. Up to you to choose where you want to go:


The specialist for tailor-made safaris in Tanzania

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